"My team and I look forward to meeting you." — Dr. Sorensen

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of highly trained professionals who love to serve Calgarians. We have a highly trained, friendly, welcoming and professional team of hygienists, doctors, and other staff who are prepared to assist you. We are qualified to provide care and are proud to be your community’s choice dental team.



Dr. Brett Sorensen

Hi there, I’m so glad you found the Sorenson Dental Group! My name is Dr. Brett Sorensen and I would like to welcome your family to our practice.

I earned a DMD designation at the University of Manitoba, and really enjoy learning and taking courses to expand my skills for you, but my real love in this profession comes from serving the people in my community.

Let’s be honest, dentistry is not normally something to look forward to, but it is my commitment to help you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed at your appointment. We believe that quality care should be pleasant, easy and affordable for families. We are happy to offer direct billing to your insurance company, and proudly follow the ADAC Fee Guide so there are no surprises and no stress!

I chose this exceptional profession because I enjoy being of service, and connecting with smiling people. My favorite part of dentistry is watching a patients self worth transform, as we help them create a smile that they desire and deserve. There is nothing better than supporting people to share themselves more fully, through a confident and healthy smile!

When I am not at the clinic working with my awesome staff and patients, I enjoy skydiving, motocross, skiing, yoga and most other thrill-seeking adventures that allow me to be outside and in nature.

It continues to be my absolute pleasure to serve this community over the last 10 years, and I look forward to many more to come!

Dr. Murray Knebel

I grew up in Edmonton and moved to Calgary after earning my Dental Degree from the University of Alberta in 1981. The mountains fueled my desire to move to Calgary as well as an international airport that would give me access to dental and leadership courses all over the world. (I love to learn!)

Although dentists don’t have a reputation for being fun, I can guarantee that you will be smiling at your appointment. The values that guide me and my team are HEALTH, GROWTH, and JOY, and guests notice and appreciate our energy and enthusiasm at every visit.

Early in my career, I realized that I had a choice in how I interacted with patients. I could become a technician – a fixer of broken teeth, OR I could become a healer – a trusted advisor, committed to a deeper understanding of a person’s health care dynamic – including their family health history, financial considerations, challenges as well as health aspirations. Choosing the latter not only keeps me passionate about my career, but also led me into the field of Functional Dentistry, where we take a holistic and biocompatible approach to treatment, and observe the influence of your teeth and bite on the rest of your body. Patients often call me the ” Why Guy”, because my focus is to help you understand WHY things are healing or breaking down, and not just what I can do to “fix” the problem.

After receiving life-saving treatment for my own sleep apnea, I became increasingly interested in the role of airway obstruction on health, as well as early childhood development. Since then I have completed over 3000 hours (equivalent to a three-year postgraduate program) of continuing education, pursuing a deeper understanding of tongue-tie, airway obstruction, mouth breathing, and facial development as well as bedwetting and struggles with focus and attention.

My unique areas of interest include:
– Functional or biocompatible dentistry
– Aesthetics and veneers
– Headaches, TMJ and bite rehabilitation
– Invisalign and Damon Braces
– Tongue-tie and nursing problems in infants and young children

My primary intention is to build your trust because I believe that without trust and a personal connection, my service is simply a commodity. Unlike many corporate dental groups, where you may be seeing different hygienists, team members, and even doctors at each visit, we can ensure consistency of connection and care with our valued guests.



  • Kelsie, RDH
  • Deb, RDA
  • Jennifer, RDH
  • Lucy, RDH
  • Christina, RDH
  • Ellyssa, RDA
  • Lily, RDA


  • Courtney (Office Manager)
  • Allison