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If you experience anxiety when it comes to visiting the dental office, you aren’t alone. At Sorenson Dental, we understand that anxieties around dental procedures are real, and our team does everything we can to make your visit to our office as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Sedation dentistry ensures that patients feel relaxed during their dental procedures. With sedation dentistry, our patients will no longer have to fear the dentist.

Laughing Gas

Also known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas involves placing a mask over the patient’s nose. The patient inhales the gas, which puts them into a relaxed state and eliminates any feelings of anxiety, allowing the doctor to proceed without causing any distress to the patient.

Oral Sedation

If a patient has dental anxiety, our dentist may prescribe a small pill for them to take before they come into the clinic. This pill is a mild sedative that reduces patient anxiety and allows for their visit to the dentist to be pleasant and comfortable.
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