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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in SE Calgary

Wisdom Teeth Extractions Near You

Wisdom tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves the surgical extraction of one or many wisdom teeth. Many people eventually need wisdom tooth removal, whether it be for preventative reasons or due to their wisdom teeth causing them pain or infection. At Sorensen Dental, we offer wisdom teeth extractions in SE Calgary to help our patients maintain optimal oral health.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

If you require wisdom teeth extractions near you, you should get it done sooner rather than later. When you visit Sorensen Dental, our dentist will use diagnostic imaging software such as x-rays to determine the position of your wisdom teeth and which ones need to be removed. If you need extractions, the procedure will be done under a general anesthetic.

Why Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary?

Your wisdom teeth are the final set of permanent teeth to emerge in your mouth. Wisdom teeth typically erupt in your late teenage years or your early twenties. This means that there isn’t always enough space left in your jaw for them to grow in properly. In cases such as this, your dentist will recommend that you get wisdom teeth extractions in SE Calgary.
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What Happens if Wisdom Teeth Aren’t Removed?

If you do not have enough room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth to erupt properly, they cannot emerge fully and will be impacted under your gums. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to:

  • Trapped bacteria and excess food particles
  • Tooth decay
  • Infection
  • Chronic toothache
  • Damage to existing teeth

How Are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

When you visit Sorensen Dental for wisdom teeth extractions near you, our dentist will determine which teeth should be removed and the best way to remove them. You will be given a general or local anesthetic before the procedure so that you won’t feel any pain. In some cases, our dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon for the procedure.

Looking for Wisdom Teeth Extractions Near You?

If you have noticed your wisdom teeth coming and would like to learn more about if you need them removed, contact Sorensen Dental. Our team of dedicated dental professionals is proud to offer our patients information and options for wisdom teeth surgery. Our dentist will happily sit down with you, discuss your questions and concerns, and develop the best treatment plan for your needs. Please contact us to book a consultation today!