Dental Clinic Open on Saturday in SE Calgary

Welcome to Your Dentist Open on Saturday Near You!

Here at our local dental clinic, we believe that everyone is entitled to the best dental care. Our smiles are an important role in maintaining the overall health and wellness of our bodies. One small problem, if not addressed in a timely fashion, can trigger a domino effect and lead to more complex and costly issues in the future. That’s why, no matter when you’re in need of dental treatment, we encourage you and your family to come in and see us. Our staff is here to assist you with all your oral health needs. 

We know that life can be crazy – between work responsibilities, family duties, and personal commitments, trying to squeeze in periodic dental appointments can be a lot trickier than it should be. Fortunately, that’s why we invite you to come in and book a consultation with our dentist open on weekends. Our staff recognizes this, and that’s why we’re proud to offer all flexible hours to all our patients and their families. To learn more, or if you’re ready to set up an appointment with us, contact us today! 


When you come in for an appointment at Sorensen Dental Group, you’ll have access to all the dental services that are available during the week. After all, the day and time that you can come in and acquire care should not be a deciding factor in the type of treatment you’re eligible for. So, whenever it works best for you, give our team a call and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in setting up a consultation. And if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to let us know. 

Dental Clinic Open on Saturday in SE Calgary

Our weekend dentist near you provides a large array of processes and procedures including, but not limited to the following: family dentistry like x-rays, checkups, and biannual teeth cleanings; cosmetic dentistry such as teeth bleaching and applying veneers; restorative dentistry like installing crowns, dentures, and implants; and emergency dental services. Should you find yourself in the middle of a situation that demands urgent care, there’s no need to call ahead – just come see us as quickly as possible. Our dentist will thoroughly evaluate your mouth to identify the best path forward. Nobody deserves to live with oral pain and sensitivity in any form. 

If you struggle with dental anxiety or even fear, please talk to our dental team about the sedation dentistry options we have available. Your comfort is just as crucial as restoring/enhancing your smile. This form of treatment is safe for patients of all ages. 

Are you eager to get started and take the first step on your oral health journey? Are you ready to finally obtain that beautiful smile you’ve been wishing for? Are you ready to say goodbye to oral pain and dysfunctional teeth and gums? If so, please reach out to our team here at our dental clinic open on Saturday. All of us are very excited to meet you and collaborate with your family to achieve a smile you’ll fall in love with every day. Our general dentist and specialists, hygienists, and administrative staff are here to guide you through the process from start to finish – that way, you won’t encounter any surprises.

Don’t wait one minute longer! Give our weekend dentist a call, fill out the appointment request form right here on our website or, if it works better for you, feel free to stop by our physical location and talk to one of our staff in person. We’ll work to find a day and time that fits with your personal and professional schedule.

We’re very excited to see you soon!