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Here at Sorensen Dental Group, our dentist in Mckenzie Towne love to provide high-quality, reliable, modern care to our Calgary patients. One of our goals is to ensure your happiness, and in order to achieve that, our McKenzie Towne dentist offer many amenities. For example, we have a play area for the children in our waiting area. For the adults, we have a television, tea, coffee, and water in the waiting area as well. Free parking is available in our lot, and we have plenty of available spots. In addition, our SE Calgary dentist offers the following technologies: INTRAORAL CAMERAS These cameras assist the team in making decisions by providing detailed photographs. DIGITAL X-RAYS Digital X-Rays allow our dentist near you to use computers to analyze X-rays in a way that was not possible with physical images. Sorensen Dental Group is located in 5222 130 Ave SE Suite #358, Calgary, AB. Book an appointment or visit the dental clinic in SE Calgary today!
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    • Family Dentistry

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      Our Calgary dentist provides quality dental care you and your whole family can trust. From cosmetic to general to restorative dentistry, our dentist in Mckenzie Towne have all the services to help you achieve beautiful smiles.

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      advanced technology

      Our dental office in SE Calgary is committed to investing in the latest dental technology so that our dentist in SE Calgary can provide patients with the most comfortable, non-invasive, and precise treatments.

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      Our dentist in SE Calgary understand every patient is different. That’s why our dentist near you takes the time to listen to your needs and create a custom treatment plan to accomplish your goals.

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    If you’re in the market for a reliable and high-skilled dentist near you, look no further than our local dental clinic. At Sorensen Dental Group, we’re proud to serve the communities in Calgary. Your oral health is of the utmost importance to us; that said, we cater our treatments to suit your individual needs. After all, you deserved to not only be satisfied with your care, but proud of your smile.

    Yes! Our dentist in SE Calgary always looks forward to welcoming new patients and their families to our clinic. To learn more or if you’re ready to book a consultation, give us a call today.

    It depends on the treatment type. The effects of professional teeth whitening in SE Calgary will last longer than DIY methods, which include brushing with baking soda or using strips and trays. On average, professional teeth whitening lasts up to 3 months or so.

    There can be multiple reasons why your dentist recommends receiving Invisalign near you including overcrowding, it’ll help you speak clearer, your bite pattern will be improved which, by extension, allows you to eat normally and aids your digestion, and relieves unnecessary stress on your jaw.

    TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. These joints can be found on either side of your face, connecting your lower jaw to the base of your skull. When they’re damaged, this can cause you a lot of pain and can interfere with your ability to open and close your mouth.

    Some good options to consider if you require TMJ treatment in SE Calgary include acquiring a customized split/mouth guard, attending physical therapy, or receiving oral and maxillofacial surgery. Talk to your dentist for more information.

    As you’ve likely heard, dentists typically advise receiving dental cleanings near you every 6 months. To book a cleaning with your dentist in McKenzie Towne, give us a call at
    (587) 330-2068 or fill out the form on our website.

    It depends on your specific case. On average, dental veneers in SE Calgary can cost anywhere between $900 to more than $2000 per tooth. A large part of this is because this treatment isn’t considered necessary, so dental insurance doesn’t cover the cost.

    Generally, the cost of root canal therapy ranges between $1000 to $2000, sometimes more. Talk to our dentist and your dental insurance provider about the cost of acquiring root canal treatment near you.