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Dental Implants in SE Calgary

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Dental Implants in SE Calgary

Dental Implants Near You

While teeth are strong, they aren’t invincible. Whether it be due to an accident or other oral health issues, you may find yourself with a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Today, dental implants have made it easier than ever to restore your smile. At Sorensen Dental Group, we are happy to offer dental implants in SE Calgary to help our patients get back their beautiful smiles.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants near you in Mckenzie Towne are composed of three components: an implant screw, a dental crown, and an abutment that connects the two together. The implant screw is surgically inserted into the jawbone before the dental crown, also known as the false tooth, is attached.

dental implants in se calgary
dental implants near you in mckenzie towne

What Happens During the Dental Implant Procedure?

The process for getting dental implants in SE Calgary involves a lot of planning, installation, integration, and placement of the final restoration. Here are the steps that the dental implant procedure involves:

  • Planning: when you first visit Sorensen Dental Group to begin the process of getting dental implants near you, your dentist will examine your mouth and take scans to see how much bone structure you have available. To be a good candidate for dental implants, you must have healthy gums and a strong jawbone to support the screws.
  • Installation: During the first step of the surgical procedure, your dentist will make an incision in your gums to place the implant screw
  • Integration: Once the implant has been placed, it will be left for a period of time to heal and allow the implant to integrate with your jawbone. This can take anywhere from three to six months.
  • Completion: Once the implant has successfully integrated into your jawbone, you will be called back to Sorensen Dental Group to have your dental crown placed, completing the process.

Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

Dental implants near you in Mckenzie Towne are extremely long-lasting, durable, and natural-looking. They act the same way as your natural teeth do; therefore, you must care for them the same way you would your natural teeth. This means:

  • Brushing twice a day for two minutes
  • Flossing once daily
  • Rinsing your mouth after meals
  • Visiting Sorensen Dental Group every six months for a dental cleaning and checkup

Interested in Dental Implants Near You?

If you are looking for a long-lasting, innovative way to restore your smile, speak to one of our dedicated dental professionals about getting dental implants in SE Calgary today. We cannot wait to give you back your smile!